Monday, 16 April 2012

My First Blog


Good Day Folks

My name is Bear and I live in Canada.  I am generally as opinionated as your friends and family however I find more these days I more shocked not only with what is happening to us by the but the lack of understanding the bigger picture of what really going on.
 One point I want to get across right away is I never wish to seek out blame in the travesties and crimes being committed to the human species by the few decadent elite that treat us as though we were sheeple for the slaughter. I only wish to enlighten people and hopefully empower them to make small changes and seek solutions in their lives as I have made in mine and continue to make. 
I find I spend a lot of my time preoccupied with the current conditions of the human species and environment we are forever changing,destroying and creating for ourselves. We are humans, but I have always been reminded by the sentient AI from The Matrix that describes us more like a virus than a mammal. The has been a "splinter in my mind" since I heard the comparison. It is unfortunate that this theory is becoming more relevant every day. We continue to consume and multiply at exponential rates and lack a complete  understanding of what would happen to us and our Earth if continue to obliterate the environment as we have since the beginning of the Industrial Age. Think about the correlations of humans vs mammals instead of placing us in the same species and you will discover we are quite different. Humanities intelligence alone sets us aside from all other lifeforms on earth. I could go on and on but I will keep this article simple. 
I am always reading about new technologies and science and am fascinated by our achievements but in the same aspect I am appalled by the lack of compassion for our own sustainability. The way things are right now, we are at an ecological teetering point of NO RETURN. We have been given gifts beyond my own reason and we choose instead to create a world we cannot live in and expect our children and grandchildren to repair the mistakes of our forefathers. It is time to accept the condition of the world and it is time to empower yourself with knowledge and ideas that could potentially save us from our own destruction. I know, I know, its a hard pill to swallow and I wish my feelings could be chalked up to media driven paranoia but this is not the case. I can see the bigger picture and will attempt to bring you understanding and hopefully and little humor along the way.

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